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Moonrise Bike Ride 2021 Flint Hills Trail Overnight Adventure


This is Ottawa Bike and Trail's third Moonrise Bike Ride Overnight Adventure.   We'll be loading up our bikes and riding the Flint Hills Trail to Pomona Lake State Park for an evening of food, music, and camping.  This year we're adding a new route option.  You can choose to ride the traditional, 20-mile, route from Ottawa to Pomona State Park.  Or, you can choose the NEW 50-mile route from Council Grove to Pomona State Park.  Or, you can choose to ride both routes, provided you have transportation back to your starting point.

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Event Schedule

August 21st

 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Council Grove Riders Check-in at Trail Days Cafe and Museum
12:00 pm Council Grove Riders Start
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm Ottawa Riders Check-in at Ottawa Bike and Trail
3:00 pm Ottawa Riders Start from Legacy Square
5:00 pm Riders arrive at Pomona Lake State Park
6:00 pm Chuck-Wagon Dinner by Angry River Starts
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm Jenna and Martin 
9:00 pm - 10:30 pm Pretend Friend
10:45 pm  Moonlight Bike Ride around Pomona State Park


August 22nd

 7:00 am

Breakfast by Juniors Catering

Coffee by True Brew Coffee House

8:00 - 9:00 am Return Riders Start


Covid-19 Precautions: 

As you probably know there has been an increase in Covid-19 cases in Franklin County and most of the state.  Therefore, We will be taking a few precautions to make sure we all stay safe and healthy during and after this event.  Fortunately, this event is almost entirely out doors with plenty of room for social distancing.  In fact, if you choose, you can complete the entire event and never get closer than 6-feet to any other participant.

To ensure everyone is save we will have a few simple rules that we ask all participants to follow:

  1. If you have Covid-19 or any related symptoms please stay home. 
  2. Please practice social distancing and wear a mask if you are closer than 6-feet away from any other participant.
  3. Masks will be required while in the shop.  We also ask that you do your best to social distance while in the shop.
  4. Masks are encouraged in the Shelter House at Pomona Lake State Park.  There are two bathrooms in the shelter, so masks should be worn if you are inside.  There are also bathrooms available outside.   

Please do your best to follow these simple guidelines.  We will have masks available for you if you forget or need an extra mask.

Musical Lineup:

The Moonrise Bike Ride is known for it's incredible musical entertainment.  This year is no exception.  Our headliner is Pretend Friend and our opening act is the Jenna and Martin Band.

Pretend Friend

Jenna & Martin Band

Event Tickets Include:

  • Transportation of your equipment to/from your starting point in Ottawa or Council Grove (optional).
  • Evening chuck wagon dinner by Angry River Barbecue.
  • Evening musical entertainment (to be announced).
  • Morning breakfast and coffee.
  • Camping at Pomona Lake State Park

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Food Menu: 

Angry River Barbecue has put together an incredible trail worthy checkwagon menu.   You'll have the choice between Smoked Prime Rib or vegetarian Smoked Jackfruit Tacos.  

Moonrise Bike Ride Menu

Breakfast by Junior's Catering

Moonrise Bike Ride Breakfast by Junior's Catering


Moonrise Bike Ride Merchandise!

We've put together a collection of products to help you remember your Moonrise Bike Ride experience.  You can see the Moonrise Bike Ride Merchandise here.  


Option 1: Ottawa to Pomona Lake

This is the traditional Moonrise Bike Ride Route from Ottawa to Pomona Lake on the Flint Hills Trail.  The route is just over 20 miles on traditional packed limestone rail-trail with a 3.2 mile detour on a very low traffic gravel road.  The return route can be found here.

Option 2: Council Grove to Pomona Lake

This route is just over 56-mile route on traditional handpicked limestone rail trail.  The route contains two recommended detours - one in Osage City and one just east of Osage City.   The return route can be found here.


Council Grove Check-in:

Council Grove Riders will check-in at the historic Trail Days Cafe and Museum from 11:00 - 12:00 on Saturday.   The address is 803 West Main Street.  Be sure and check out the the Rawlinson-Terwilliger Home and the Trail Days Historic Site while you are there.  We'll start the ride from Trail Days Cafe at 12:00 and head down Mainstreet to the trail.

Ottawa Check-in:

Ottawa Riders will check in at Ottawa Bike and Trail between 12:00 - 3:00 pm.  Be sure to check-in early to allow time to visit historic Ottawa Mainstreet.  


Parking in Council Grove: 

Council grove riders can park in the library parking lot.  The lot is right next door to the check-in point at Trail Days Cafe and Museum.  

Council Grove Kansas Parking for Moonrise Bike Ride

Parking in Ottawa 

Please park in the green areas on the map.  Both parking areas are within 1 block of the starting location at Legacy Square.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is alcohol provided?  No, this is a BYOB event.

Is alcohol allowed? Yes

Are drinks provided?  We will have water and non-alcoholic beverages available at Pomona State Park.  You will need to bring your own drinks for the ride to the park.

Are bathrooms and showers available at Pomona State Park? Yes, bathrooms and shower houses are available near our camping spot.

Can I set up before the event? Yes, if you want to set up a tent prior to the event you can.  We'll be camping in the large lawn area surrounding the Southwind Shelter.  You can set your tent up any time on Saturday.

Is there a camping fee?  No, the camping fee is included with your registration

Will Support be Provided?  The ride to and from Pomona State Park is unsupported and you should plan to complete the ride on your own.  However, there will be over 140 bicycle riders on the trail to help you out if you need anything at all. 

What type of bike should I ride?  The trail is hardpacked crushed limestone and is rideable on just about any bike.  Tires of at least 35mm are recommended to avoid the chance of flats.  Depending on your route there are detours on gravel roads.  Your bike should be able to handle short stretch s of gravel.  Check the route maps for details.  

What if I can't carry everything on my bike?  We will carry your camping equipment if you choose not to carry it on your bike.  We do ask that you keep your equipment to a single bag and a small cooler if possible.  Also, please mark your bag(s) with your name and phone number.  We will transport your back from your starting point to the lake on Saturday and back to your starting point on Sunday morning.

Do I need to start with the group or can I leave earlier or later?  You can leave any time you want but we do ask that you check-in before you start the ride. 

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