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Ride with us!

Ottawa and Franklin County is THE place to ride your bicycle in Kansas! You'll find easy access to the Flint Hills Trail and Prairie Spirit Trail State Parks as well as some of the best gravel roads you'll find anywhere. To help you explore we provide trail transportation and information about the best gravel routes in the area. We also have very welcoming group rides every week.

Trail Transportation

Ottawa Bike and Trail provides transportation services on the Flint Hills Trail and Prairie Spirit Trail State Parks. We can transport groups of up to 10 passengers, bicycles, and equipment to any location on the trails.  You can jump on one of our pre-defined tours or we can help you to plan a custom adventure for your family or group.  You can learn more about our tour and transportation services here.

Group Rides and Events

Ottawa Bike and Trail hosts weekly group rides and events.  All of our group rides are FREE and open to everyone!  You can learn more about events and group rides on our Events Calendar Page here.

Recommended Routes:

We've put together a list of the best trail and gravel routes in and around Ottawa.  You can find our complete collection of routes on our Ride with GPS page.   You can select any route our point of interest on the map below to see more information.

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