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Biking Across Kansas Rider Support Team

Ottawa Bike and Trail is proud to partner with a great organization like Biking Across Kansas as the official rider support team for 2023.  This is our 2nd year as the official support team and we're really excited to see all of our BAK friends again this year.  

Our goal as the Official Support Team is to help each and every rider have the best possible Biking Across Kansas experience.   We'll be there throughout the week to provide you with mechanical support and advice.  But, our support doesn't start there.  We believe that planning and preparation is the key to success on an endurance event like Bike Across Kansas.  Therefore, we want to do everything we can to help get you and your bike ready for the big week.   

Here's some of the services that we'll be offering:

Biking Across Kansas Tune-Up Specials

Of course, a big part of getting ready for Biking Across Kansas is making sure your bike is in tip-top condition.  At a minimum, we recommend a tune-up at your local bike shop prior to the event.  We also recommend that you don't wait until the last minute as bike shops book up during the spring.  You want to make sure you have time to get in a few rides post tune-up to make sure your bike is dialed in.  

If you don't have a local bike shop that you are comfortable working with we would love to help you out.  We're offering several Biking Across Kansas tune-up packages that you can take advantage of.  

One of the benefits to working with us is that it gives us the opportunity to get to know you and your bike.  This will make it easier for us to help you make adjustments or improvements to your ride during the week.

Biking Across Kansas Training Rides

Ottawa Bike and Trail will be hosting a series of training group rides to help riders ramp up their milage for the big event.  These rides are also a great way to meet other Biking Across Kansas participants. 

Price: FREE

Who can Participate: Everyone - no Biking Across Kansas registration required.

Where: Ottawa Bike and Trail

When: 9:00 am

Surface: Pavement

Support?: Sag support will be provided at points on each route.

Training Ride #1

March 25th -  30 miles


April 22nd - 45 miles


May 20th - 60 miles

Biking Across Kansas Bicycle and Rider Preparation Sessions

We'll be hosting several on-line rider Q&A sessions with the Biking Across Kansas Crew.  In these sessions we'll be providing some of our favorite tips and tricks to help you get prepared.  We'll also be sharing advice to help make sure you are as comfortable on your bike as possible for the entire week.  Most importantly, we'll open it up for Questions and Answers so you can ask us anything you want.  We believe there are no stupid questions and we hope we can provide you with some information to help you get mentally prepared.  

Our first session is February 25th at 3:00 pm.  You'll find all of the details below.

Biking Across Kansas Rider Support


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