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Biking Across Kansas 2024 Rider Support Team

Ottawa Bike and Trail is proud to partner with a great organization like Biking Across Kansas as the official rider support team for 2024.  This is our 3rd year as the official support team and we're really excited to see all of our BAK friends again this year.  It will be a special year to be part of Biking Across Kansas for its 50th anniversary. 

Our mission as the Official Support Team is to help each and every rider have the best possible Biking Across Kansas experience.   We'll be on location throughout the event week to provide you with mechanical support and advice.  But, our support starts well before the big event.  We believe that planning and preparation are the keys to success for an endurance event like Bike Across Kansas.  We want to help get you and your big ready for the big event.

To-Do List

Here's a couple of things you can do to take advantage of our special Biking Across Kansas Services.

  1. Join our Biking Across Kansas training ride series.  We are hosting a series of training rides to help you ramp up your milage.  Our 2nd ride will be held on May 11th and our third ride is May 25th.
  2. Schedule your Biking Across Kansas Tune-up package.  This packing includes discounts on services and components for BAK riders.
  3. Visit our Biking Across Kansas Rider Store which includes a collection of our most requested products for Biking Across Kansas riders.  Use the code BAK2024 at checkout to get a 10% discount on items in the collection. We’re also offer fast shipping to your door if you don’t live near our shop.

Biking Across Kansas Tune-Up Specials

Of course, a big part of getting ready for Biking Across Kansas is making sure your bike is in tip-top condition.  At a minimum, we recommend a tune-up at your local bike shop prior to the event.  We also recommend that you don't wait until the last minute as bike shops book heavily during the spring.  You want to make sure you have time to get in a few rides post tune-up to make sure your bike is dialed in.  

If you don't have a local bike shop that you are comfortable working with we would love to help you out.  We're offering several Biking Across Kansas tune-up packages that you can take advantage of.  

One of the benefits to working with us is that it gives us the opportunity to get to know you and your bike.  This will make it easier for us to help you make adjustments or improvements to your ride during the week.

Biking Across Kansas Rider Store

We've put together a collection of the most requested items for Biking Across Kansas Riders. All of these items are carefully selected to keep your bike functioning properly and you comfortable for your ride across the state.

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Biking Across Kansas Training Rides

Each year we host a series of training rides designed to help you ramp up your milage and prepare for your trek across the state. It's also a great way to test your equipment and meet other riders.

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