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Aventon E-Bikes Now Available at Ottawa Bike And Trail

Aventon E-Bikes Now Available at Ottawa Bike And Trail

We're excited to introduce Aventon e-bikes to our selection of high-quality electric bicycles.  Ottawa Bike And Trail is an authorized Aventon e-Bike Dealer with a good selection of Aventon e-Bike models for you to test ride. 

We continue to be offer and support Giant's branded e-bikes, which include Giant, LIV, and Momentum. These bikes are renowned for their exceptional quality and come equipped with mid-drive motors. Mid-drive motors are strategically placed near the cranks in the middle of the bike, resulting in a riding experience similar to that of a standard bicycle. However, these bikes typically come at a price point starting at around $2000. This cost can be a barrier for many potential e-bike users who could greatly benefit from them.

Recognizing the need for an affordable alternative, we've been diligently searching for high-quality e-bikes priced under $2,000. Recently, there has been a surge in the availability of rear-drive motor e-bikes on the market. These e-bikes feature motors in the rear wheel, shifting the weight distribution towards the back of the bike and providing a distinct riding sensation often likened to someone pushing the bike from behind. The key advantage of rear-drive motors is their ability to reduce costs, making many of these e-bikes accessible for under $2000.

We've observed numerous lower-cost e-bike brands flooding the market, with many of them being sold directly to customers online. Having firsthand experience assembling and repairing these e-bikes in our shop, it's evident that not all of them are created equal. Regrettably, many of these lower-cost e-bikes are constructed using subpar components, which is particularly concerning for e-bikes designed to carry the added weight of motors and batteries. This results in poor ride quality, a less-than-ideal user experience, and a shorter lifespan for the bike. Additionally, there have been numerous reports of low-quality batteries posing safety risks.

Another significant issue with many of these brands is the lack of post-sale support they offer. Setting up an attractive website and selling bikes directly to customers may be relatively straightforward for new companies, but providing essential post-sale support, such as warranty assistance or replacement parts, is a different challenge altogether. We've witnessed firsthand how this deficiency can lead to frustrating and costly repair experiences for customers.

In our quest to offer high-quality and enjoyable e-bikes, we sought a company that not only built great bikes but also provided excellent post-sale support, including readily available replacement parts. We also wanted a company willing to collaborate closely with dealers to ensure swift and reliable support. After extensive testing, discussions with owners, and consultations with other bike shops, Aventon emerged as the clear choice. Our experience with them has been outstanding, and we're enthusiastic about making e-bikes more accessible to a broader audience.

We now have a selection of Aventon e-bikes available in our shop for you to test ride. We're here to assist you in comparing different models and selecting the one that suits your needs. Once you've made your choice, we'll order the bike, assemble it, and have it ready for you to ride in approximately a week. We'll also be here to provide support you for the life of your bike.  


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