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Who You Gonna Call?  Surly Ghost Grappler Custom Ghost Buster Bicycle

Who You Gonna Call? Surly Ghost Grappler Custom Ghost Buster Bicycle

Surly Ghost Grappler Custom Bike

Surly Ghost Grappler Ghost Busters Bike

Most of our crazy ideas provide a few minutes of entertainment and produce nothing more than a few chuckles, groans or eye rolls.   But, when Jon, our shop mechanic, suggested we make a Ghost Busters Bike out of a Surly Ghost Grappler we knew we had to do it.  We immediately called our good friend Mark, owner of Groody Bros. Bicycle Restoration, and ran the idea by him.  He loved the concept and agreed to do the powder coating and frame preparation for the bike.

A few weeks later we drove to Topeka to drop the frame off at Groody Bros.   Over barbecue and beers we fleshed out our plan with Mark.  By this time our idea had expanded to include an Intergalactic Surly Summit event at our shop.  This would be a great way to show off our creation and also serve as a hard deadline to keep the project on track.  April 1, (Fool's Day) seemed like the obvious day for the summit.

Intergalactic Surly Summit

We started gathering the parts to complete the build and Mark started working on the frame.  Everything came together the week before the Intergalactic Surly Summit.  Mark delivered the frame along with a surprise.  Mark had crafted a Ectoplasm Ghost Trap device out of bicycle parts and other odds and ends.  Mark animated the Ghost Trap with working lights, switches, and sound.  We attached the device to the back of the bike on an Old Man Mountain Rack using a few Voile Straps.  The Ghost Catcher was the cherry on top and really made the bike pop.  

Surly Ghost Grappler Ghost Busters Custom Build

We had a great turnout for our Intergalactic Surly Summit which included a bike show, swap meet, food truck, a poker run bike ride, and a visit to our local brewery.  In the middle of the event, we rolled out the bike to the Ghost Busters soundtrack.  We had so much fun that we’ve decided to make Intergalactic Surly Day an annual event to be held on the first Saturday of April.  

It was really satisfying to see our plan come together and everyone enjoyed seeing the bike. We’re not sure how we can raise the bar for next year.  Our thanks to Mark at Groody Bros for making this bike and event special. 

Surly Ghost Grappler


Frame: Surly Ghost Grappler size Medium

Powder Coat by Groody Bros. Bicycle Restoration: East Side Pearl White with Red accents

Hubs: Spank Hex

Rims:  Velocity Blunt 35 polished

Tires: Teravale Coronado 27.5 x 3

Rack: Old Man Mountain Elk Horn

Bars: Ritchey Comp Beacon XL

Drivetrain: Microshift Advent X

Pedal: SupaCaz

Saddle: Brooks B67


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