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Bicycle Tune-Ups make an excellent gift and may be just the thing to inspire someone to get back on their bike.   We offer complete packages for any level of cyclist.  These gift certificates can also be applied to other services or to purchase other items in the store. 


Our standard tune-up is perfect for those who want to ensure their bike is in great working condition. Our expert technicians will adjust the shifting, brakes, and hubs to ensure your ride is smooth as silk. We also take the time to true your wheels, inspect your tires and tubes for wear, adjust and inspect the bottom bracket, adjust the headset, tighten bolts, and inspect and lube the chain.  


For those who want a more comprehensive service to make your bike perform like new, our SPA treatment is ideal. This includes all the services in the Standard Tune-Up with some added extras.  Our Performance Tune-Up includes a drivetrain ultra-sonic clean. This comprehensive clean involves removing and cleaning the chain, derailleurs, cassette, and crankset in our ultra-sonic cleaner. We also replace brake and shift cables and housing and wrap handlebars. (parts are extra).   


For the ultimate performance and a clean and polished look our Spa Treatment is for you. Our Spa Treatment includes the performance tune-up plus a full bike disassembly, frame clean and polish, and new chain wax. It's the ultimate care package for your beloved bike! 

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