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Tanglefoot Hardtack V2 Frameset

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The Tanglefoot Hardtack is the Shure SM58 of bikes, the Pentax Spotmatic, the 8″ chef’s knife. Built for endurance, useful in half a dozen guises, and likely to outlast its original owner.

Distilling the essence of sustenance:  provide just what’s needed to conquer the rugged trials and trails that lie ahead. No extraneous flourishes, no unnecessary embellishments. The Hardtack embodies versatility. Whether it’s gravel escapades, urban commutes, conquering rocky and greasy east coast trails with finesse, embracing leisurely long road rides, or embarking on O.G. loaded tours, the Hardtack is your best friend that never talks shit behind your back.

For tackling the gnar, slap on some 27.5 x 2.6 tires on wide rims. Embrace the chunky gravel or traverse muddy fire roads with 27.5 x 2.1 tires and fenders. Feeling a hint of nostalgia? Revive 2003 with 29 x 2.1 tires for a shot at the 24 hours of Big Bear race. For a touch of modernity inspired by 2019, equip some noise-canceling 700c x 55mm tires on a 29’er mountain bike rim. And hold on, there’s more! Dream of riding amidst the gravel racing fray, donning plaid shirts and Rapha bibs? Outfit the Hardtack with gravel rims and 700 x 45mm tires.  

Frame and fork stiffness are pumped up by 12mm thru axles. Stiff frames translate to superior tracking, loaded or unloaded. That means the Hardtack goes where you point it, even in rocky rough terrain with a load on it.  Frames that ‘plane’ can easily develop speed wobble, or feel like they’re hinged in the middle of the frame when traversing rugged terrain. Flex has its place – elbows, knees, and tires – but not in your bike’s structure. A lengthened front end quashes toe overlap for all sizes, even when sporting platform pedals and muck boots. The extended front end also nixes endos, a principle also embraced by contemporary mountain bikes.

Optimized for dirt drop bars, the Tanglefoot Hardtack boasts ample stack height, courtesy of the XL head tube. A short Discord stem maintains appropriate reach to the bars. A high bottom bracket helps clear logs, rocks, and deep mud on winding forest paths and prevents  pedal dabs on tight switchbacks. Dispelling misconceptions, higher bottom brackets actually enhance stability, as proven by penny farthings, lamplighter bikes, and classic 90’s mountain bikes. True, standover space diminishes, but that’s counteracted with a sloping top tube.

The deceptively relaxed seat tube angle mirrors the virtual seat tube angle employed by 95% of endurance road bikes throughout history. While road bikes deploy a 73.5-degree seat tube angle with a 25mm setback post, the Hardtack positions your seat at the same angle with a 71-degree seat tube and a 0mm offset post. This ergonomic design ensures knee comfort even when accommodating a dropper post – because the best droppers have no setback.

Tig welded from oversized butted chromoly, the frameset and fork combine stiffness with a high-trail fork for unwavering stability during challenging terrain or moonlit dirt road reveries.

Our conviction: bikes are not just five- or ten-year investments. A quality steel frame spans 25 to 50 years of rugged use, enduring even longer with attentive care. This longevity guarantees a bike’s purpose will evolve over time. What may begin as a gravel conqueror could metamorphose into a reliable commuter or a trusty touring partner for a journey to Tierra Del Fuego. The Hardtack stands primed with front and rear rack mounts for Nitto Mark’s Rack, R-10, or classic touring racks. It welcomes full fenders front and rear, supports a 135mm QR wheel with rear dropout swaps, and toggles between 27.5 chubby and 700c commuter or gravel tires. 

Yes, you can run alt bars! Consider Velo Orange Crazy Bars, Jones Full Loop, or Nitto Forest Amblers depending on your physique. Complete your setup with a Gnome Hopper stem.

1x specific.  You can rig a 2x, but why?  You’ll need to provide your own cable stop.  We’re not gunna help you sort it out, so you gotta hamburglar your own solution!

Take a moment to watch Russ at Path Less Pedaled as he appraises this gem. He’s a fan, and note, he even likes it as a 1x!  

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