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Surly Ghost Grappler Frameset

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Color: Sage Green

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Surly Ghost Grappler framesets in Sage Green will have the original "Ghost Grappler" moniker.  Other colors will have the new "Grappler" moniker.  

Off-road enthusiasts have been Frankensteining drop bars onto trail bikes for decades, so we designed the Grappler to scratch that itch with a little more precision. Engineered first and foremost around a stable and comfortable drop-bar hand position, its trail-ready geo provides a spirited ride on mixed terrain.

Cleared for girthy tires and decorated with an array of mounts for hauling your daily provisions and overnight gear, the Grappler is ready to take you and your paraphernalia down that overgrown fire road for an extrasensory experience. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Probably.

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