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Surly ExtraTerrestrial Tire 700 x 41 Tubeless, Folding

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The Surly ExtraTerestrial tire is one of our favorite tires for hard-packed surfaces like paved roads, rail trails, and firm gravel roads.  This tire has a round profile with a narrow contact patch.  We've had customers ride these tires on multi-day tours on varied surface roads.  They're also a favorite on rail trails like the Flint Hills, Prairie Spirit, or Katy Trail.  The tire comes in various sizes.

The ExtraTerrestrial tire was meant to serve as a heavy-duty off-road touring tire that shines on hardpack surfaces. It uses a nylon breaker in the sidewalls for cut protection, a molded pattern for anti-cut propagation, and a Kevlar cap under the tread to protect against flats.

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