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Rene Herse Pumpkin Ridge Tan 650b x 42mm

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 Experience the ultimate dual-purpose tire that offers exceptional performance and cornering on paved roads, while the large knobs provide excellent grip on slippery surfaces. The strategically distributed knobs ensure consistent support for the tire, whether rolling forward or leaning into a turn. This guarantees uniform grip at all times, whether you're navigating a muddy cyclocross course or tackling ultra-fast hairpin turns on a paved descent. Inspired by the rugged Cascade Mountains, this tire is named after Pumpkin Ridge near Portland, Oregon, a place known for its dirt spurs. The Pumpkin Ridge excels on both paved and muddy trails, making it the perfect choice for exploring this beautiful area. Choose from three casing options: Standard for affordability and comfort, Extralight for superior performance, or Endurance for extra sidewall protection and puncture resistance. Plus, the Pumpkin Ridge is tubeless-compatible for added convenience. Discover the unparalleled performance and versatility of the Pumpkin Ridge tire today!


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