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Panaracer Gravelking-SK 27.5x1.75 Foldable, Knobby, Black, Tubeless

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The Gravelking-SK offers a more aggressive and versatile option compared to the original GravelKing. With its powerful knobs, ZSG Natural rubber compound, puncture protection breaker, and AX-α low rolling resistance casing, this tire is perfect for any terrain. It's also tubeless compatible for most models up to 60 PSI, and comes in a range of sizes and widths to suit your needs. Whether it's gravel, dirt, or rough pavement, the Gravelking-SK is the ideal choice. Choose from Black Tread or Black or Brown Wall Colors, with a folding (Aramid) bead for added flexibility. Don't miss the TLC version in widths 32 mm and larger.

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