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Kinni Kinnic Sacks Grey

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Some bits and bobs should be more accessible than others. If you are touring and your friend goes OTB on a snowmobile bridge, or if it’s getting late and you have to make camp in the dark, or you need to snap a quick pick of the turkeys crossing the field, you need quick access to certain things that ought not be buried in a big bag, under your dirty socks and a pile of empty Tasty Bites packets.

Enter the Fifth Season Kinnikinnick Bags. Hook them to the outside of your Wald basket, for that ‘I’m a carpenter in my spare time’ look that everyone is going for this year. Stick your first aid kit in one, your XA-2 in another, your headlamp, knife, TP, etc, in another. Wait! There’s more room still! You can mount 6 friggin' bags around your basket. Tubes and tools. Wind shell. Half pint of syrup. Ok, now they’re all filled. All of that stuff should be out where you can snag it. It shouldn’t be buried. All of these bags can disconnect from the basket, and you can loop them on your belt or suspenders, if you have to hike into your campsite. No velcro, because it wears out and gets gross. Simple, lightweight nylon ladderlock buckles that you thread webbing thru. They don’t wear out, won’t break.

Roll top. Real brass snap closure. Minimal seams, for better weatherproofing. Waxed Canvas, like all good bags should be. Made in Maine, in an off the grid cabin, by one dude who uses a treadle powered sewing machine to get the job done.

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