Garmin, Edge 530 Unit, Computer, GPS: Yes, HR: Optional, Cadence: Optional, Black, 010-02060-00

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The Garmin Edge 530 Bike GPS provides dynamic performance monitoring and insights to help you improve your training. The Garmin Edge 530 features a full color display so you can track your ride metrics, receive turn-by-turn directions, gauge your effort based on what's ahead, and more. For extended use, the Garmin Edge 530 offers battery life up to 20 hours before you need to recharge. Plus, with easy connectivity and compatibility options, the Garmin Edge 530 will sync with the Garmin Connect app so you can share your ride and will connect with a compatible smartphone to receive messages, emails, and more. Elevate your training to the next level with the Garmin Edge 530 Bike GPS. For more information, click here.