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Moonrise Bike Ride 2023 - Riders Guide

This page contains all of the information and Links for Moonrise Bike Ride 2023.

Weekend Schedule:

You can find the complete weekend schedule for Moonrise Bike Ride here.

Check-in and Start Times:

All riders will need to check-in with Moonrise Bike Ride staff before starting their ride.  At check-in riders will receive their wrist-band and we will confirm that you have filled out the waiver form.  All riders must sign a waiver form.  

There are three different check-in times depending on which route option you chose.  

Campfire: check in at Riverfront Brewing in Council Grove on Friday from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.  

Main Event Council Grove Start: check-in downtown Council Grove on Saturday from 7:00 am to 9:00 am.  Check-in location will be confirmed shortly.

Main Event Ottawa Start: check-in at Ottawa Bike and Trail on Saturday from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm.  

Alternate Check-in Options:

If you need to check-in outside of the check-in windows that's ok.  We'll just need a signed waiver from you before you start the ride.  

Ride Start Times:

We'll have a mass start at the end of each check-in window.  However, riders are welcome to start at any time.   If you require more time feel free to leave earlier.  If you are planning to take advantage of luggage transportation you will be able to drop off your gear during the check-in windows above.  Also note you will be required to follow our luggage drop-off windows on Sunday.  

Gear Transportation: 

Moonrise Bike Ride is a self-supported bikepacking event and we encourage participants to carry their own gear on their bicycle if possible.  However, we want everyone to be able to participate regardless of bikepacking experience.  Therefore, we offer gear transportation from all starting locations.  If you are using our gear transportation services please follow our pick-up and drop-off times if you are using our gear transportation services.

Packing Guidelines:

1) Pack as light as possible.  Try to limit your gear to one-bag and a small cooler or folding chair if possible.  

2) Label your gear with name, phone number, and start location.

3) Bring a folding chair.  There is picnic table seating at Pomona Lake State Park, but if you want to bring a folding chair or blanket you might be more comfortable.

Gear Pick-up and Drop-off Times:

If you are using gear transportation service you'll drop your bags off during the check-in windows (see schedule above).

On Sunday morning, we'll transport your gear back to the starting point and have it ready for you to pick up there.  

Council Grove: Riverbank Brewing between 12:00 - 4:00 pm

Ottawa: Ottawa Bike and Trail between 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

PLEASE KEEP THE PICK-UP WINDOW IN MIND WHEN TIMING YOUR RETURN TRIP.  If you miss the pick-up window you're gear will be taken to Ottawa Bike and Trail where you can pick-up during normal business hours.


The map below contains the two different routes for Moonrise Bike Ride 2022: Council Grove to Pomona Lake State Park and Ottawa to Pomona Lake State Park.  Both routes contain out-and-back segments.   


Route Notes:

Please pay attention to these special notes about the routes.

Council Grove to Pomona:

1) Base Camp Flint Hills (BCFH):  BCFH is on the west side of Allen will be our overnight stop for Moonrise Camp Fire.  It will also be a water stop for riders starting in Council Grove on Saturday.  You'll see the Base Camp Flint Hills sign from the trail.  There are very little water sources on the Council Grove to Osage City segment, so be sure and take advantage of the stop.

2) Detour in Osage City: The Flint Hills Trail inside the city limits in Osage City is not complete.  When you come in to Osage City from either direction you'll see where the trail goes from completed trial to what looks like a grass field.  Our map contains the preferred route around the unfinished section.  It also takes you through downtown Osage City which provides access to a coffee shop and convenience stores.  Note: Osage City is working on the completed trail through town - it will be incredible when it's completed.

Ottawa to Pomona:

1) Detour west of Ottawa:  As your ride west of Ottawa there is a 3.2 mile detour on a gravel road.  The detour is well marked and the road is very hard backed gravel.  The detour is in place to allow for safe crossing of the BNSF railroad.  The state has an active and funded project to build a bridge over the BNSF railroad tracks.  There is no official completion date for the bridge but we're expecting it to be complete in 2023 or 2024.

2) Town of Pomona:  There are no water stops on the route to Pomona.  However, there is a new bathroom that was recently completed on the trailhead in the city of Pomona.  If should need water or supplies you can ride north about a half-mile to the Casy's in Pomona.


Overnight Parking is available at the starting locations.  Please be respectful of the businesses in both starting towns and park in the designated parking areas.  These parking areas are generally safe for overnight parking, but please don't leave valuable overnight in your car.

Overnight Parking in Council Grove:

Riders starting in Council Grove for Moonrise Camp Fire or Main Event can park their vehicles overnight in the public parking spot at the Neosho Riverwalk Amphitheater.  It's directly across the street from Riverbank Brewing.  Riverbank Brewing will be the check-in spot for Friday and the finish spot for Sunday morning.  Check-in on Saturday morning will be at the pavilion just north of the parking lot.   

Moonrise Bike Ride Parking Council Grove Kansas

Overnight Parking in Ottawa:

We have several parking lots available for overnight parking in Ottawa.  Home base in Ottawa will be Ottawa Bike and Trail.  Please do not park in Legacy Square parking directly behind the shop as it's used heavily by the small businesses on the block.

Ottawa Bike and Trail Moonrise Parking in Ottawa

Overnight Parking at Base Camp Flint Hills

Limited overnight parking is available at Base Camp Flint Hills.  Riders wanting to start at Base Camp Flint Hills are welcome, just let the staff know that you'll be leaving your car overnight. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of bicycle do I need? Any bike that you would ride on the Flint Hills Trail will do. We recommend tires that are 35mm or wider, but any tire will work on the packed limestone surface of the Flint Hills Trail. The other consideration is how much gear you plan on loading on your bike. If you are not comfortable carrying your gear, just let us transport it for you. 

Is alcohol allowed at Pomona Lake State Park?  Yes.  Please drink responsibly.

Can I park a car at Pomona Lake State Park?  Yes.  When you arrive to Pomona State Park you'll need to purchase a vehicle permit.  

Can I park an RV at Pomona Lake State Park?  Yes.  We recommend that you call Pomona State Park ahead of time and reserve an RV spot.  If you let them know you're with Moonrise Bike Ride they'll help you reserve a spot near our event.

Can I start early or late?  Yes, there is no official start time.  Just remember to check-in before you start. 

What if I need help on the trail?  This is a self-supported ride, so please be prepared and bring everything you'll need to repair your bike and complete the ride.  There will be a lot of riders on the trial and everyone will be more than willing to help out if you need it.  Keep in mind the cell reception on the trail may be limited so calling for help may be difficult.



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