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Ottawa Bike and Trail Club

The Ottawa Bike and Trail Club is a community of cyclists committed to encouraging, motivating, and supporting each other to ride our bicycles and get outside.  

By joining the group you’ll be part of a fun-loving group of cyclists who will encourage and challenge you to meet your goals and share your stories.   While some of us focus on racing, we’re mostly a non-competitive group of people who just love riding our bicycles and having a good time.   By being part of the community you’ll never have to ride alone, unless of course that’s your thing.    

The Bike and Trail Club is an informal group and it's completely FREE!

There's four ways you can participate.  Just follow the steps below to join in the fun.

1) Join Ottawa Bike and Trail Club on Ride With GPS

We use Ride With GPS to manage all of our club routes, events, challenges, and member information.   By enrolling as a member on Ride With GPS you'll have full access to all of the club information as well as FREE access to some of the more advanced Ride With GPS features for these routes.  Club members are able to get turn by turn voice navigation and offline maps on our app, advanced turn notifications on Garmin files, PDF map and cuesheets on club routes.

Join with Ride With GPS

2) Participate in Group Rides

We invite and encourage club members to regularly participate in Ottawa Bike and Trail group rides and events.  We host our weekly Not Lost Brewing Ride on Thursday Evenings and our Waffle Adventure Ride on Saturday mornings.  We also host special events throughout the year.  Check out our calendar below for all of the latest events.  You can click on any event to be taken to the event page.  The event page includes more details including the route!  Don't forget to RSVP for each event you will participate in so we know you're coming.   


3) Join our Mileage Challenges

This year we're hosting our annual 2022 mileage challenge on our Ride with GPS page.  It's a great way to stay motivated to keep putting in miles each month.  All you have to do is sign up for the challenge and start tracking your rides on Ride with GPS. 

We're hosting both an annual challenge as well as new challenges each month.  You can participate in as many challenges as you want.   The challenges are FREE to join and don't require a Ride With GPS subscription.  We've put together a short video (below) to explain how to participate in Ride With GPS Challenges,       

Join the Mileage Challenge!


4) Join Our Facebook Group:

The Ottawa Bike and Trail Club Facebook Group is the primary place for communication within the group.  This is where we share our stories, encourage each other, compare notes, get/give advice, find riding partners, and discuss all things cycling.  We encourage you to join the Facebook group and feel free to make a post introducing yourself to the group.  

Join our Facebook group 





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