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We're a Selle SMP Saddle Test Center

We're a Selle SMP Saddle Test Center

One of the things we love about being an independent bicycle shop is that we can carry brands and products that best fit our riders. We listen to rider feedback and make adjustments to our lineup to meet the needs of our riders.

Over the years we’ve put together a good selection of saddles that are comfortable and perform well. But we’re always looking for ways to improve our selection. Recently we’ve heard great feedback about Selle SMP Saddles. We spent the last month researching and testing out their saddles and we’re pretty impressed. We think you’re going to love them.

Selle SMP saddles have a very unique design that spreads the saddle pressure across your entire pelvis area. This design is different than saddles that just support your sit bones. For most riders, this provides a more comfortable and stable seating position.

Here’s a short video explaining how they work:

"I believe these are the best designed saddles, in a general sense, in the world." - Road Cycling Academy

Saddle Library Program

Everyone is shaped differently and Selle SMP has saddles designed to fit every body type. The key is matching you to the right saddle. To make this process easy we’ve created a Saddle Library program which allows you to try different saddles out until you find just the right fit.

We’ve stocked our Library with a broad range of Selle SMP saddles as well as our favorites from Selle Italia, Terry, and Giant.

If your saddle is making you sore stop in and check our our Saddle Library. We’ll help you find a saddle that will put a smile on your face.



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