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NEW E-Bike Outpost: We're Opening a 2nd Location!

NEW E-Bike Outpost: We're Opening a 2nd Location!

E-Bike Outpost Showroom

As we celebrate our 6th anniversary, we're thrilled to announce the opening of a second location! Well, sort of. Let us explain.

E-bikes have become a significant and growing part of our business. We've seen increasing interest in our Giant, Liv, and Momentum mid-drive e-bikes, and we've added Aventon and Rad Power to our lineup, offering high-quality, affordable rear-drive e-bikes. Additionally, e-bike rentals have gained popularity, providing a fantastic way to enjoy the trails.

E-bikes require substantial space and specialized equipment. If you've visited our shop recently, you've probably noticed our demo e-bikes and rental fleet occupying a significant portion of our floor space.

Thanks to our amazing landlord, we have found the perfect solution. We’re opening a second storefront just down the street at 106 South Main to house our e-bike business. We're calling it the Ottawa Bike and Trail e-Bike Outpost. This new location will serve as a showroom for our demo e-bikes and will feature the latest e-bike accessories, parts, and components. It will also include a small workbench dedicated to e-bike maintenance and repairs.

This dedicated space will allow us to:

  1. Free up room in our current location to enhance the shopping experience.
  2. Create a dedicated area to showcase our e-bike lineup, parts, and accessories.
  3. Establish a specialized workspace for optimizing e-bike servicing and repair.

We've already taken possession of the space and are in the process of setting it up. We aim to open by July 1st. Initially, the new location won't be staffed full-time, but customers interested in e-bikes can visit our main store or schedule an appointment for consultations or test rides. The new outpost is just a short walk from our current location, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for everyone.

We hope you're as excited as we are. We look forward to setting up the new space and redesigning our current store to take advantage of the extra room. Stay tuned for more details as we approach the July 1st opening.

We made a video about our e-Bike Outpost that you can view here:

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