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Introducing Tanglefoot Cycles at Ottawa Bike and Trail

Introducing Tanglefoot Cycles at Ottawa Bike and Trail


We are super stoked to announce a new partnership with Tanglefoot Cycles.  Tanglefoot is a small-batch bicycle maker from Vermont.   You’ve probably never heard of Tanglefoot, so here's an introduction.   Tanglefoot is a small maker focused on designing and developing unique bikes that they call “Tools For Exploration”.  They also describe themselves as "Retro-Futurists" because they believe that the key to the future lies in perfecting technologies that have been proven successful over many years.    

We’ve watched Tanglefoot from afar for some time.  We’ve drooled over the incredible bikes they’ve built.   We also relate to their independent approach and focus on the non-competitive side of cycling.

When Tanglefoot launched the new Moonshiner we decided we had to get involved.  This bike is exactly they type of do anything, adventure and bike-packing ready rig that we love.  We also read the glowing review of the bike in BikePacking Magazine where they called it "flat-out Superb!".

"But anyone wondering what my overall impression is, it’s that I think the Moonshiner is flat-out superb." -- Bikepacking Magazine

Read the full article here.

We contacted the team at Tanglefoot and inquired about a potential dealership.  We immediately hit it off and as it turns out, they we were looking to add a few small independent bike shops to their select dealer network.  We are absolutely honored to be selected to represent their bicycles in the midwest and we can’t wait to get a few of these bikes built up so you can experience them for yourself.  

We’ll be selling Tanglefoot framesets you can build yourself, and we'll be offering  complete builds that we've speced out with quality parts.  We can also work with you on a custom build based on parts availability and also your level of patience for waiting on parts.  

We’ve started building up a demo Moonshiner and hope to have it ready to ride soon.  We’ll be documenting and sharing the build process along the way.  We’re also working on sourcing the parts for Moonshiner complete builds.      

We hope you’ll follow along on this exciting new chapter of the Ottawa Bike and Trail story.

Here's just a few pictures of the Moonshiner for you to drool over while you wait to see one in person.

Tanglefoot Bicycles and Ottawa Bike and TrailTanglefoot Moonshiner Fork
Tanglefoot Moonshiner Complete bike
Tanglefoot Moonshiner Front Fork
Tanglefoot Moonshiner Frame
Tanglefoot Moonshiner article in Bikepacking Magazine
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