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Discord Chromo Creemee

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The tallest, stiffest, shortest stem out there. Not a good pick up line in a bar, but it makes for a great stem. 125mm stack height to get bars up high. 0mm extension, to get them close on a bike with a long top tube. The Creemee Chromo is stiff! I’ve been using it on our Rivendell Hubuhhubuh tandem, and any stem that feels stiff on a tandem is a substantial stem. Combine it with oversized drop bars, like the Spank Flare, and you have a no flex cockpit, which is great for navigating rocky roads with a loaded bike. Thick tubing, so you can run just 55mm of steerer tube. 4 bolt faceplate. 2 bolt steerer clamp, so no slipping.

The tubing these stems are made of is custom turned and custom reamed. Those are both expensive, but you have to do both things if you want the stem to fit 99% of steerer tubes properly, and be decently light weight. The binder bosses are our design as well, made for, you guessed it, toughness. The whole lot of it is brazed together by one guy, Alex Meade, in Massachusetts. Alex is a master builder, but he generally thinks Instagram is silly, which is why no one has heard of him. Shame, that.

All of our steel stems are cerakoted (the more eco friendly alternative to powder coat and wet paint) in Massachusetts. The clear coat is a nice gloss. It is more durable than a powder coat clear coat, or a wet paint clear coat, but it eventually will get spider webs of rust under it. Not to worry: these are non-structural, and this tubing is thick.

Things to know about brass brazing:

No matter how good you are at brazing, sand blasting can reveal things called pinholes. Alex sand blasts these stems before sending them to the coater, and he fills the pinholes in. But sometimes the second blasting the coater gives them reveals a new one. It’s not a flaw, it’s just what happens. If you have pin hole in your brass filet brazed stem, don’t worry. It’s not a structural issue. It’s a sign that the stem was hand made, and that, in this age, is something to be stoked on.

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