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Cache Sacks Orange

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Good stuff sacks are oddly hard to come by. 99% are plastic of some sort. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they are usually way over or under built. Ultra light stuff sacks are sort of okay for jamming a bunch of clothes in, but they can’t take pokey bits, like bike tools, or Argus C3 cameras, or a rock collection. 

 Heavy duty plasticy stuff sacks, naming no names, don’t age well, they’re hard to repair unless you use gorilla tape (works, looks terrible, eventually gets gummy, like the underside of a subway seat), and they look really horrible. Like you’ve strapped a pool toy on your bike.

Waxed cotton ages better than other bag materials. It’s durable. It’s rewaxable, so when it gets older than any plastic sack will ever get, you can rewax it and make it weatherproof again.

Designed to fit on a King Cage Manything cage, but you can use em in any similar giant bottle rack, or just use them as a normal stuff sack. No weird special loops or straps, these just go on with a pair of Voile straps (not included, we like the 25" ones for this size bag). They won’t bounce off, unless you don’t know how to tighten a strap.

Big enough to hold a down summer bag or a 1 person tent, or a down parka, some jazz pants and a pair of socks with a hole in the toe.

 Roll top, roll it thricely for ultimate weatherproof-ness. Sewn in Maine on a treadle powered sewing machine outta US made canvas.

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