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Some bicycles are available for shipping. Contact us to discuss options.

Unbound Race Day Support 2023

Ottawa Bike and Trail is offering several support options for Unbound Gravel 2023.  Each year we support a small team of riders so that we can personalize our support and make sure that you are successful.  We have a limited number of spots open for each race category, so be sure to register early to lock-in your spot. 

Pre-Race Bicycle Tune-UP

Our support includes a pre-race bicycle tune-up as part of every package.  We offer this option so that we can make sure your bicycle is ready and that we have extra parts on hand at the race in case you should need them.  

Pre-Race Consultation

We also include a 30-minute consultation session so that we can understand your goals for the race and so that we can discuss how we can best help you reach your goals.  We want to do everything we can to make sure you are successful and have the ride or your life.  

Bicycle Receiving and Shipping for out of town visitors

We have lots of experience shipping bicycles.  If you're an out of town visitor we can help you get your bike shipped to our shop where we'll assemble and tune your bike for the race.  We'll event delivery the bike to Emporia the day before the race.  After the race we'll professionally pack your bike and have it sent back to your home.  We work exclusively with bike flights for this service and we'll handle all of the logistics of getting your bike to the starting line and back in perfect condition.  

Pull-the-Plug Pickup Service

If for whatever reason you need to pull the plug during the race we'll be there for you.  We'll have team members ready to get to your location as quickly as possible and get you safely back to Emporia.  You will probably not need this service but it's great to know we've got your back should you need us.

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